Use The Internet To Research One 1 Case Where An Organization Unfairly Executed Its Reasonable Accommodation Policy Management Questions

Must be able to pass all originality tests. 

Use the Internet to research one (1) case where anorganization unfairly executed its reasonable accommodation policy. Summarizethe outcome of the selected case. Then, outline a corrective action plan gearedtoward mitigating the unfair reasonable accommodation practices within theorganization in question.

Determine two (2) work-life challenges that eithermilitary personnel (e.g., Reserve and National Guard, etc.), individuals withaccents or English fluency concerns, or gays / lesbians may face within anyorganization. Examine at least two (2) employment laws that protect yourselected group. Next, outline a plan that could assist an organization inprotecting the selected group from discrimination.

Read the article titled “Habits as Change Levers”. Reflectingon step eight (8), Institutionalize the Change, identify a change that youimplemented or was implemented at an organization with which you are familiar.What impact does an organization’s corporate culture have on maintaining andsustaining change? What steps need to be taken to make ensure that a newlyimplemented change becomes part of the organizational culture?

Read the article titled “Sustaining Change inManufacturing Companies”. Next, review the list of eleven (11) factors whichimpact the sustainability of change. Reflect on a change that you implementedor was implemented at an organization with which you are familiar that was notsustainable. Comment on the factors of sustaining change that were not includedin the change process. How would you address the key factors which theorganization missed and ultimately lead to the change being reversed?

Select one (1) work-related activity in which you haveparticipated (either a successful or failed performance), and decide whether ornot debriefing could have been an effective tool to improve the performance.Next, determine one (1) learning function from the activity, and provide atleast one (1) example of the learning function.

Imagine that your organization has expanded into a newcountry requiring several employees to live there for the duration of theiremployment. Create one (1) social and control function to assist theexpatriate’s experience then suggest a systematic approach using one (1)psychological function to share with future expatriates. Justify yourresponse. Note: You may reference any country of your choosing inyour response.

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