Utilize This Blog As An Opportunity To Discuss A Concept Idea That You Found Interesting And Would Like To Share With Others Who Are Not In This Course

Utilize this blog as an opportunity to discuss a concept/ideathat you found interesting and would like to share with others who arenot in this course. Remember, this is a public forum within ourcourse…so please be respectful!  

Complete one post for the final blog. Please include the (1)concept/idea, (2) location in the textbook ( you can put the Chapter 6 as location) , (3) evaluation of interest,(4) influence the concept/idea had on the way you think or feel, and (5)reason you would like to share the information with others. You maywrite as much as you’d like, but you must write at least 5 sentences inorder to receive full credit. This blog post is worth 50 points.

I know that you have been write about this chapter before but I have chosen this chapter to make it more easy for you and I wanna you to follow the direction from 1 to 5.

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