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Vulnerability is the diminished capacity of groups or individuals to resist, anticipate, recover and cope with the impact of a hazard. These hazards can be as a result of a human or natural factor. Therefore, vulnerable groups are the individuals who are exposed to a higher risk of social exclusion and poverty when compared to the general population in a given social set up. A good example of the vulnerable groups in the society is the elderly, HIV victims and the ethnic minorities. Unless the needs of these individuals are well addressed by the authorities and those in power, they will keep on suffering from their misfortunes.

On the other hand, groups at a risk are those individuals that are at a considerably high danger of being affected by a prevailing situation in the society. A good example is young children who are at a danger of contracting malaria and other communicable diseases due to their weak immune system and also, the youth who are at a higher risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections since they are sexually active. The society needs to support the groups at risks by making them aware of the dangers of the situation that they are exposed to and providing them with the necessary guidance and counselling (UNHCR, 2015).  

The above two groups need both the social and financial support of those around them to lead a normal life as the rest of the society. Vulnerable groups need to be shown love and compassion. The society needs to empathize with their situation by ensuring their needs are well met despite their misfortunes. Guidance and counselling are so far the best treatment strategies for such groups.

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