Was The Last Presidential Campaign Sucessful Or Failure Management Homework Help

Presidential PR Campaign

Write a paper that describes the PRcampaign each candidate conducted in the last presidential election.Was the campaign a success or failure? Defend your position.

The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:

  • Write between 750 – 1,250 words (approximately 3 – 5 pages) using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.
  • Use font size 12 and 1” margins.
  • Include cover page and reference page.
  • At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.
  • No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.
  • Useat least three references from outside the course material, onereference must be from EBSCOhost. Text book, lectures, and othermaterials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward thethree reference requirement.
  • Cite all reference material (data,dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) in the paperand list on a reference page in APA style.

References mustcome from sources such as, scholarly journals found in EBSCOhost, CNN,online newspapers such as, The Wall Street Journal, government websites,etc. Sources such as, Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, blogs, etc. are notacceptable for academic writing.  

A detailed explanation of how to cite a source using APA can be found here (link).  

Download an example here.

Grading Criteria Assignments Maximum Points Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria 40 Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts 20 Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts 30 Uses proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling 10 Total

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