What Are SDLC Systems Development Life Cycle MODELS Compare And Contrast Help

•The paper will be five pages:  (a) Describe the 7 Step SDLC – 2 pages, (b)Describe a different SDLC Model (4 step or 12 step) – 2 pages, (c) Compare andcontrast the 7 Step Model and the second model you selected (4 step or 12 step)– 1 page.    DO NOTdiscuss Methods in this paper (waterfall, rad etc…).  You need to find other SDLC models, themodels will be called SDLC …some may have four steps and others may have 12steps.  .

•APA format; Minimum of 4 professional/peerreview references.  Note: Professionalreferences refer to books and journals. (Typical internet resources are not considered professional resources). 

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