What Changes Did Sanger Describe In Married Relations History Homework Help

  • What changes did Sanger describe in married relations in recent generations?

  • Sanger describes marriage to no longer mean slavish subservience of women to men. Men and women are becoming more and more equal as the years pass.And therefore, marriage is now seen as a union between two individuals. These two individuals require a period of bonding so that marriage is now a friendship and companionship between the two.

  • What changes did Sanger hope would come about if unplanned pregnancies could be prevented?

  • Sanger notices the cause of unplanned pregnancies upon young married couples. She saw that young women saw motherhood as a horror and tragedy; an intolerable situation. Sanger hopes that by preventing unplanned pregnancies, young couples are given enough time to establish a strong bond between them. The woman will have solidify her worth, her happiness and her love for her husband and the marriage. When these things are full filled, pregnancy and motherhood will be a positive next step. The foundation is set for parenthood. 

  • Do debates concerning birth control and unplanned pregnancies still occur in the United States?

  • Yes. Even to this day, debates over the female body is still occurring. Whether it be the shutdown of Planned Parenthood or to ban the performance of abortions. Even to the availability of birth control pills. There have been companies who refuses to provide insurance to female employees who needed birth controls. Therefore, to this day, debates on how to female chooses to use her body is still in questions.

  • Are Sanger’s points still relevant? How?

  • I believe they are still relevant. A married couple, two consenting adults, should have a say in how they want their marriage to be. Whether it be early pregnancy or late pregnancy. Even young women should have the availability of birth control if she so wishes. My wife and I did not want children early as we married quite young. She was determined to finish her education. I was just starting out in the military. Parenthood was not the immediate step we wanted to take. And luckily, birth control was available for us and it helped give us time to work on our marriage before parenthood. But to this day, there is still arguments over whether birth control should be available to all.

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