What Is The Prescribed Time For Wrongful Possession Written Assingment

Using the Internet, locate Wisconsin statute on adverse possession. After reading through the statute, write a brief 1-2 paragraph summary on what is required under your state’s law for a person to obtain ownership to real property by adverse possession.

Specifically, address the following points in your summary:

  • What is the prescribed time for wrongful possession?
  • Is it required that wrongful possession be open, visible, and notorious or does your state law use other language? If so, what is it?
  • Is it required that the wrongful possession be actual meaning the property is being used the way the landowner would reasonably use it and the landowner is excluded from physical possession of the land?
  • Is there a requirement of continuous and peaceful wrongful possession?
  • Must the wrongful possession be hostile and adverse and without the express or implied permission of the rightful owner?


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