What Specific Facts Are You Required To Know Share And Defend In Your Field English Discussion Response (1)

In this week’s discussion, we are to answer the following:

  1. Whatspecific facts are you required to know, share, and defend in your field?
  2. Whatsources do you consider most credible when you defend facts and statementsto someone who is questioning you about the accuracy of your claims?

This is one of my classmates response:

This isan issue that is near and dear to me.  As a worker’s compensation claimsadjuster, I must have answered questions like “why did you pay me that amount”or “why is my claim denied” or “why won’t you pay for lawn care services” amillion times.  In Colorado, worker’s compensation is highly regulated andwe are bound by Colorado statute and the Division of Worker’s CompensationRules of Procedure.  These sources lay out  when, why and how much acarrier must pay or is able to pay, for a worker’s compensation claim. These rule and statutes can be very helpful because they are clear and not muchargument can be made when I explained to someone that the rules and statuteswere set and I could not deviate from them.  This can be a bone of contentionbecause worker’s compensation is not designed to make someone wealthy.  Infact, it’s the opposite.  Worker’s compensation is designed to be shortterm and transitional. 

A perfectexample of a fact I’m required to know is how much per week I’m allowed to payan injured worker.  Per statute, I must pay two-thirds that person’saverage weekly wage.  What most people don’t know is there is a maximumamount per week a person can be paid.  So, if I normally earn $2,000.00per week, but I’m injured on the job and can’t work, the most a carrier isallowed to pay me per week is $914.27.  A claims representative is able todefend the amount paid per week by providing the injured worker with thestatute that this applies to. 

Compose a SUBSTANTIVE response post to this student’s post.Minimum 50 words – Does not need to be long at all.

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