What Were The Main Pollutants That Caused Hazards To Aquatic Life Environmental Studies Homework Help

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-What were the main pollutants that caused hazards to aquatic life?
Currently there is a new threat to aquatic life, especially in lakes. This new threat is micro-beads. Micro-beads are the small plastic particles in many cosmetic products and toothpastes. Once these particles are washed down the drain, they go through the plumbing system, and end up in the environment, at the bottom of lakes and rivers. Plastic has a long decomposition time-frame, and this causes flat out pollution.

-How did these pollutants affect the health of aquatic life adversely?
The main hazard of these micro-beads occurs when aquatic life, mostly fish, consume them by mistake. The particles get stuck in their digestive systems, creating health issues, and even causing the fish to starve and die. Another hazard is that when micro beads coat the body’s of water depths, they impede the growth of aquatic vegetation.

-What are the various ways to prevent occurrences of such episodes in the future? Explain how these ways will help in the prevention of such episodes.
Prevention of such pollution is quite easy. Halting the production of micro-beads in cosmetic products is a great step in the process. The second step should be to clean up the already expelled micro-beads. This step, however is very difficult because they settle at the bottom of lakes and cannot be reached. There is also a lack of technology to gather masses of such small particles without damaging the environment further.

-Discuss the association between environmental pollution and hazards to aquatic life.
Pollution hurts aquatic life in many ways. The water cycle is an important aspect of why this pollution occurs and hurts the aquatic environment. Rain and runoff carries much of the debris, trash, and waste humans make down to bodies of water. Here the filth all settles and takes a long time to decompose. Depending on what the pollution is specifically, like oil, or plastic candy wrappers, the environment is affected in different ways. In the case of micro-beads, it hurts the underwater vegetation by “choking’ it. It also hurts animals and fish if they consume it, since it is not edible.

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