When Creating A Security Policy Framework It S Important To Align Business Objectives Assignment Help

1. Pick one of the items below for your Original Post in this week’s discussion forum:

· When creating a security policy framework, it’s important to align business objectives with the correct framework. Discuss what can happen if the framework you choose as a foundation does not fit your organization’s business objectives. Why is it important to understand business objectives when creating and establishing IT policies?

· Identify and explain three business considerations relating to security policy frameworks. Why is it important to take into account the cost and impact of implementing the policy framework?

· Explain the differences between policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines? Provide at least one example of each.

· Describe the roles and responsibilities of people involved in security policy framework creation. Why is it important to have the different roles defined and have people assigned to those roles? What can happen when you don’t?

· Describe how and where external and internal factors contribute to an effective policy framework. How do these factors affect organizations?

· Discuss the importance of separation of duties for personnel. Include examples of roles you would separate and why.

Note: Need 2-3 pages’ answer and APA Format with citations Please no plagiarism.

2. See the attached assignment sheet and complete both exercises.  In it, you’ll be creating a policy framework for a sample organization. You will also be summarizing industry policy frameworks.

Note: Need 12-14 pages’ answer and APA Format with citations Please no plagiarism.

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