Which One Of The Major Achievements In Public Health Identified In Bouldin Assignment Help

1.Which one of the major achievements in public healthidentified in Bouldin, E. (2010) is especially interesting to you?

2.Briefly describe the achievement, in a paragraph or two.

3.In what era did this achievement occur?

4.Briefly discuss the historical context of the development.What was happening during that time period? What spurred the development of thepublic health achievement? Please write 2–3 paragraphs about this, and be sureto cite sources rather than simply stating your opinion.

5.Was the issue viewed differently then, as compared to theway that it is viewed today? Please explain in 2–3 paragraphs and be sure tocite sources rather than simply stating your opinion.


Bouldin, E. (2010). Chapter 1: History and Development ofPublic Health. In: Andresen, A. & Bouldin, E. (2010) Public HealthFoundations: Concepts and Practices. Jossey-Bass Publishers. Hoboken, NJ.eISBN: 9780470890165. Available in eBrary.

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