Why Employees Join Labor Unions Business Finance Assignment Homework Help


Examine two (2) reasons why employees join laborunions. Examine two (2) reasons why organizations prefer that unions do notrepresent their employees. Suggest two (2) benefits that unions can provide foran employer.  Justify your response.

Examine two (2) legal responsibilities that employershave when dealing with labor unions. Suggest two (2) ways in which managementand unions might work together to craft mutually beneficial contracts. Providea rationale for your response.


Consider a former or current job you held and give 3reasons why you were empowered or not empowered?

Not empowered?

Suggest 2 actions leadership can take to promoteempowerment within the organization.


Determine 2 actionsleadership took to promote empowerment. 


Consider a conflict that you or someone that you knowis currently experiencing at work. Using the conflict process and ethicalconsideration discussed in the text, recommend an approach for resolving theconflict. Propose the conflict management techniques that you believe would bemost effective to achieve the desired outcome(s) of your recommendation.

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