Windows Server 2012 Administration Computer Science Homework Help

You are working on a project for a medium-size corporation with5 locations in different cities. Each location has 2 domain controllers. Thedomain has AD sites that are representative of each physical location. You haveheard of global catalog servers and universal group caching.You want to see how you could make use of these in your environment.

As a team, complete the following:

  • Research and discussglobal catalog (GC) server and universal group caching.
  • Explain the benefits thateach has in a domain environment.
  • Consider the geographicaldistribution of your customers’ network.
  • Using Visio (or similarsoftware), diagram a planning deployment depicting each site.
    • Clearly identify where GCshould be placed and where universal group caching will be enabled.
    • The solution should have4 domains—1 for the HQ and 4 for each branch location.

2–3page Word document and Visio network diagram

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