Wk2 Discussion 2 John Porter English Homework Help

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Statement of purpose:

How my grandmother showed me the importance of facing your fears.

Introductory Paragraph:

The deafening sound of the alarm clock filled my room at 7:30 a.m. I rolled over and stared at the clock until it changed to 7:31 a.m. I sluggishly got out of bed and put on the outfit my grandmother had picked for me. A striped green collar shirt with a pair of khaki’s was the outfit of the day. As I dragged my feet down the hallway to the kitchen, waiting was my Grandmother with a big smile on her face. It was the first day of second grade; fear and nervousness took over my body.  This story will show you how I overcame this obstacle with the courageous words from my grandmother.


I.Moving from California to a small town in Ohio at the age of 7 was a huge change for me.

A.West coast lifestyle to not as exciting Midwest lifestyle

B.Having friends to knowing no one

C.Transition with dialogue.

II.“Good morning John William, are you excited for your first day?” she asked.

A.Having the nervous conversation with my grandmother about the first day.

B.My grandmother informing me about my teacher and how she use to teach my dad.

C.My thoughts about why I was so nervous and trying to build confidence.

D.Transitioned with the feeling of being a little at ease as I walked to the bus stop.

III.My heart was beating so hard while I was waiting for the bus it felt like it was about to explode.

A.Dialogue with myself about being nervous.

B.Watching the bus get closer as my heart raced faster and faster.

C.The moment where the bus stopped and I let my fear overcome me as I ran back to my grandmother.

D.She hugged me and began her speech.

IV.“John, you’re the oldest sibling. You’re little brother and sister look up to you and you need to show them you’re brave. You’re a Porter.”

A.Her motivating speech about being the older sibling and leading by example.

B.Giving me the confidence I needed.

C.I finally built enough confidence.

D.Realizing that the fear was in my head and my grandmother was right.

V. The fear of the first day of school was all in my head. My grandmother realized this and gave me the words I needed to hear to build my confidence. I overcame my fear and this moment will be something I’ll never forget. I realized how amazing my grandmother is and the lesson she taught me has gotten me through a lot of situations in life.

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