Women Are Under A Lot More Stress Than Men Which May Cause Them To Look For Relief Or An Escape By Using Illegal Drugs

Three causes thatcontribute to the increase number of women offenders are socioeconomic status,drugs related offenses, and race. Regina McKnight was convicted for life inprison after smoking crack cocaine while pregnant causing her unborn child todie (Collective & Jones, 2009). When McKnight was convicted she was in herearly 20’s, African American, single, and prosecuted due to drug relatedoffenses (Collective & Jones, 2009). Socioeconomic status can play a majorrole in the increase number of offenders in prison. Men that are in prison orjail leave all the responsibility such as kids and the bills to the female.Some women live in low income areas where crime breaking happens on the regularbasis. According to (Collective & Jones, 2009) women that use drugs areviewed as selfish because they put themselves before anyone else. Females thatare on drugs are looked at as “double deviant” so therefore they receive aharsher sentence than their male addicts (Collective & Jones, 2009). Womenare looked at as caring, taking care of children, loving, and respectful sowhen a female is seen on drugs it disgust the criminal justice system andcaused females to receive more punitive consequences for the same crime.

There werereports on illuminating contradiction in McKnight’s case that representsdevaluation of black motherhood” (Collective & Jones, 2009). If McKnightwas to have an illegal abortion instead of going forward with the pregnancy shewould have received two tears max (Collective & Jones, 2009). AfricanAmerican females are overrepresented in the criminal justice system because lawenforcement choose who they want to arrest which is women of color (Collective& Jones, 2009). Women are more likely to be caregivers of children so withwomen being incarcerated kids are left unattended or may feel abandoned. Womencommit fewer violent crimes than men because males are more aggressive thatfemales. Women are under a lot more stress than men which may cause them tolook for relief or an escape by using illegal drugs (Collective & Jones,2009).


Collective, C.J.& Jones, L.C. (2009). Investigating difference: Human and CulturalRelations in Criminal Justice. 2nd ed. N.J: Prentice Hall.

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