World Literature Before 1660 English Homework Help (1)

Please help me finish this homework.   NO PLAGIARIZE.

Read the requires in course paper, and the sample in Yuh literature Hck Finn Ending.

Texts for Course paper

You may write your Course Paper ONLY on (any one or more of) the following texts:


Valmiki: The Ramayana

Sei Shonagon: The Pillow Book

The Thousand and One Nights

Confucius: Analects


Chaucer: General Prologue

Petrarch’s Sonnets: Any

Montaigne: Essays (Any)

Milton: Paradise Lost


Egyptian Love Poems: Any

The Epic of Sunjata: Any


Popol Vuh

Florentine Codex

I have no e-book, so I have no idea to give you more help. if you have book, it will be very convenient.

Title:   Norton Anthology of Wold Literature -Volume A, B and C

Author:     Puchner, Martin

Edition:     3RD 12,

Publisher:  W.W. Norton & Co.

10 digit ISBN:  0-393-93365-2

13 digit ISBN:   978-0-393-93365-9

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