Write A Synopsis Communication Is Vital Within Best Buy Business And Finance Homework Help

Write a synopsis of no more than 350 words summarizing what the team has learned from the review and discussion. Please no plagairsm. Below are the thoughts of my team. Use that

1. From this paper I have gathered that communication is vital within Best Buy.  You stated that, “In current fast growing, globalized, competitive and more challenging business era, communication plays a significant role in the development, creation and building a strong relationship with the employee at the workplace in a more significant and an effective and manner.” Thus, it seems as though communication plays a major role throughout this organization. Another thing that I liked about this plan is how customer focused it is. You expressed that customer retention, satisfaction, and value are all important factors to consider in this overall strategic plan. I think customer satisfaction is a good focus because the customers are the reason the company is even able to grow and create new products and services. Overall, I think you have a good idea of what you need  to do to have a successful product, Good Job William!

2. Good paper over all.  I liked how you broke down the information for the scorecard. You described how the company will be able to profit and succeed. The paper mentions employee satisfaction, and describes how the employees will be able to earn incentives, which is always good for a company to be able to offer. The paper also mentions risk involved, which is also something companies must take into consideration.  overall i think this is a great paper. i can see from the information that you full understood the assignment and gave a lot of thought and time into it. Great job

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