Writing an arguable claim letter

Write a 450 word arguable claim email and organize the letter using an indirect pattern. (keep your paragraphs no longer than 7 sentences in length (this paragraph is 6 lines)

Length: Write a claim email that is between 5-7 paragraphs in length and written in correct business tone.
• Use the Background Information for the basis of your email, but you have creative flexibility with the interpretation of those facts. You should expand and elaborate in any area where it assists your argument. For example, you may expand upon the content of your interaction with Ryan Nichols and Sue Harrington, and/or describe your feelings about the event space and the service the YMCA provided.
• You may add any supporting details that you think are important to help persuade the reader about the situation.
• Include adequate reasoning, explanations, and details.
• Recipient address: @outlook.com
Start the first paragraph with a positive tone, then suggests there is a problem.
Begin making the argument in the second paragraph and laying out the facts of the case.







Dear Jane Breitenbach,

Firstly thank you for providing the YMCA space for our organized at a subsidized rates over the last few years. I appreciate the effort and commitments I have received from your office to helping me settle this issue. However this email is in regards to our previous talks about the outstanding balance.

Two weeks ago we received an erroneous bill from your office.  After long talks with your office I have come to realize that after talking to Ryan Nichols and Sue Harrington I have come to realize that you have increased the venue rates.  However was not communicated to our team bill prior to our events in 2010.  We would like to clarify that no memo, document or any other official means of communication was delivered in our office prior to the event.  Because we are a longstanding client we did not bother to ask about the pricelist as we were certain the prices are still the same.  As you may realize throughout the period we have worked together we operate on a fixed budget that is allotted for the whole financial year. Therefore on 2010 we held our event at the YMCA grounds without any worry as we were positive we would raise the funds.

Earlier last week I found out that there is outstanding balance that we are supposed to clear for the 2010 event.  This news was a huge to our office. I called the finance department and clarified about our outstanding debts and found out that there is no record of debt as it was clear we have credited the initial price to your accounts and even obtained a receipt for the payment. In addition to my receipt you confirm with the finance department at your time of convenience that we deposited a cheque worth $1500 soon after we held the event at the YMCA

It would therefore be unfair to charge us additional fees while the price hike was not communicated to our offices prior to the event day.  As a nonprofit organization we are very cautious about our budgets as we rely solely on well-wishers and donors to fund our endeavors.  This is alignment with our mission and vision to serve with integrity and diligence in all aspects of our organizational activities. Since the inception of the National Poetry Month in 2010 we have used the YMCA as our main host at a reduced rate of $1500 without failure.  We are particularly conscientious to subscribe to services that are beyond our capability.

Over the last two weeks I have spent a fair period of time following up this issue to no avail. Considering our longstanding business relationship and history as partners in the community integration and development it is a minor issue and incident of miscommunication that should be solved amicably. Kindly initiate the process of solving this issue as it has taken a relatively long period of time than expected. All the best and I hope we can continue working together in the future.

If you would like any further clarification on the matter kindly contact me via email or phone call at your earliest convenience

Thank you


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