You Are A Human Services Worker Meeting With 16 Year Old Kathy Who Is Seven Months Pregnant Discussion Help

You are a human services worker meeting with 16-year-old Kathy, who is seven months pregnant. You are trying to educate Kathy on the benefits of attending a series of childbirth and baby care classes that you have arranged for her to take. Baby Audrey will be born in approximately eight weeks, and Kathy has attended only half of one session, which comprised one and a half of the 18 hours of required class time. After you meet with Kathy, she still refuses to attend the classes, so you decide to provide her with a pamphlet that will provide education on pregnancy self-care and newborn care essentials.

Create a PowerPoint (PPT) slide show that you will show to Kathy and other young mothers in similar circumstances, describing information from this week’s textbook readings and other sources that will help mothers through the prenatal stage and facilitate proper knowledge of, and attention to, their care and safety and those of the newborn babies.

Discuss and cite the course textbook

    Chapters 1, 2, & 3 in Essentials of Human Development: A Life Span View

and at least one additional credible source to support the knowledge and recommendations in the PPT slide show. This slide show should be 10-12 slides in length with document and citation formatting per APA FORMAT. In addition, each slide should contain up to 5 lines of text and the Notes section of the slides should include substantive expansion on the slide topics. The notes must be 150-200 words per slide.

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