You Are In Charge Of Staff Training And Development With Your Company Writing Homework Help

At least 5-7 sentences.
You are in charge of staff training and development with your company. There is a
new software program that every employee will be using, from seasonalstaff to fulltime staff. You have been using the software for over ayear and are very familiar
with it.
You have to set-up a 2-day, in-service training for the employees. Your training
needs to apply to every employee within the company. You are aware that there are
different learning styles and it is your job to have an effective training session with
all staff. You are to create a training program using at least 3 Different Theories of

1.Taking the concepts of Learning and Theories discussed in your text and the course,
create different training activities for the employees. Explain what theory they
associate with.

2. What are three different training techniques you will use in the training? To what
theory of Teaching do they apply?

3. How did you decide on what theories to address in your training? Do you think
these methods are the most effective? Why?

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